The theme of the 2017 festival, curated by
Peter Blackstock, senior editor at Grove Atlantic,


As queer people face a hazardous political climate both in the United States and in Europe, stories about the LGBTQ community become all the more critical. As do the questions: How do queer stories reach readers? To what extent is gay writing still subversive? And how do we ensure that the stories of LGBTQ people are told in a time of rising reactionary sentiment? The works of fiction featured at this year’s festival celebrate the diversity of LGBTQ experiences.

From the coming-of-age story of a young bisexual man living in the Black Forest, to a novel exploring the lives of lesbian and gay people in Austria during the Nazi period, to the tale of a Swiss couple reeling from a positive HIV diagnosis, the featured works form a cross-section of the LGBTQ spectrum. Simultaneously joyous, heart-wrenching, sexual and radical, these books showcase queer experiences with deep emotion and great literary flair.