The Lives of Others: Stories from Outside Our Bubble

Saturday, March 24 at 6:00 PM


28 Adams Street, Brooklyn NY 11201

What does it mean to be marginalized – and who decides where the supposed center is in a shifting world? In this panel we discuss politics, power, society, ethnicity, and family, asking questions about how we treat those different from us and how society acts towards its most vulnerable members. This panel will explore how writers go about depicting people who live on the fringes with sensitivity, how personal experience informs fiction, and how novels about people who are considered marginal are both celebrated and – sometimes – misunderstood.

Featuring Fatma Aydemir, Ursula Fricker, Atticus Lish, Robert Prosser and moderated by Karen Phillips, Executive Director of Words Without Borders.

The event is free of charge and in English. RSVPs are required due to limited seating. Please register here.