The Author's Voice

Friday, November 12 at 6:00 PM

Virtual Event

The six German-language authors of Festival Neue Literatur pair up with celebrated American authors to give a sampling from their work, providing a taste of new writing from Austria, Germany, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. Featuring opening remarks by the award-winning author Monique Truong. English excerpts will be read by celebrated American writers Uli Baer, Peter Filkins, John Freeman, John Keene, Idra Novey, and John Wray.


Anna Baar: Die Farbe des Granatapfels ("The Color of Pomegranate")
Translation will be read by Peter Filkins

Isabel Fargo Cole: Das Gift der Bienen ("Bee Venom/The Poision of Bees")
Translation will be read by Idra Novey

Judith Keller: Die Fragwürdigen ("The Questionable Ones")
Translation will be read by John Keene

Benjamin Quaderer: Für immer die Alpen ("The Alps Forever")
Translation will be read by John Wray

Sasha Marianna Salzmann: Ausser Sich ("Beside Oneself")
Translation will be read by Uli Baer

Ivna Žic: Die Nachkommenden ("Those Who Come Later")
Translation will be read by John Freeman

This event will be moderated by Brittany Hazelwood.

This event will take place virtually on Zoom. Please RSVP here.